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Dr Gary Quick Poll: Does your chronic condition affect your… ““I just don’t feel very good about myself.” Clients say that a lot to me. In fact, I think…”
Larkin1234 rhumatoid arthitis and SSD “Hello Jeanie803. I just joined the group and saw your post. Hope it's not too late to respond to your…”
EòinM new to the group “Hello, Miss C, I too am new. I have only been diagnosed for 4 years with RA. I been on…”
Mike8087 Enbrel inj 50mg “I have been on Enbrel 50 mg inj for several years. I have been having sever, on going skin cancers.”
jbsge R.A. And vitamin K2 “I have not had any experience with this supplement. But I also would like to know about it. I will…”