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miamirn Struggles of RA Patients “Two years ago I developed my first of several debilitating flares and the diagnosis Rhuematoid Arthritis. Although I am genetically…”
SuSewSew Have YOU been misdiagnosed? “Thanks Lana. I looked her up. I have been on that site frequently since the new diagnosis. To bad there…”
angie410 Depression “Im so sorry to hear children suffer depression and anxiety and panic attacks. There isnt much to do for…”
zyflam What to Eat to Help Feel Better? “I have RA, 2 years in, I have found that eating fruit and vegetables, cold water fish, no red meat…”
Dr Gary Chronic Communication at Home: Helping Kids Answer the… “A client who I’ll call Tammy had an unexpected question from her third grader: “My friend’s mommy told her that…”

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