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Happyjoy! Changing my life style for a healthier me! “This illness could cripple us mentally, & thus physically. I force myself to remind myself get up, get going. Some…”
Saleeta Worried about side effects? How are you handling… “Dr. Gary. Thank you for responding to my question about biologics. I may need to see a counselor after all…”
ckm52 medications “Hi, has anyone out there been diagnosed with bony erosion? My RA is so bad that my DR ordered an…”
casswill01 Things People Do Not Understand About Rheumatoid Arthritis “People tend to look at the outward appearance and that determines in their minds whether or not you are sick.”
nanc k How to be a BETTER PATIENT “i agree with what you are saying, however i live in rural area with only 2ra doctors in the same…”

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