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Dr Gary Your mind and your body. Are they working… “It seems like we are hearing a lot about the mind-body connection these days. There‚Äôs a reason for that. Medical…”
Punkiedoo Have you felt inspired lately? What inspired you? “Hi Gary, Yes my husband is a very incridableguy1!!! When he isn't yelling at me. Ihave a question to ask…”
LINDAC. Things People Do Not Understand About Rheumatoid Arthritis “I hope by joining. that I may place a smile upon their face and I suffer from RA as we'll…”
Katie Lou side effects to humira “My arms and legs have small red spots on them since I went out in the sun about 1 week…”
craftygal932 Rheumatoid lung “Home from hospital after 10 days with atypical pneumonia and a lung abcess that had to be drained. On strong…”