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Lana Advocating For Yourself “If you suffer from chronic illness and pain, it is important to learn to advocate for yourself. And you are…”
Dr Gary Advocating for yourself? Just what does that mean? ““Advocate” is one of those terms I hear tossed around a lot, by my clients, by other professionals, and…”
Bright Angel Rheumatoid lung “I had Juvenile R.A. But outgrew it by age 17. Then it returned at age 45. I am 56 now.”
Kita Hamp Methotrexate “Since i started taking the Curcumin 2k from the website STOP AGING NOW, I have not had any pain in…”
maamaa60 Rheumatoid arthritis “there is no cure for RA methotraxate is a medication that will damage your liver I hope you been having…”

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