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csorthofeet Bunion Athletic Velcro Walking Shoes for Men &… “We offer a wide range of quality shoes for bunion feet. Modern and stylish looking, they provide the highest comfort…”
Dr Gary How do you overcome the urge to procrastinate? “My clients often talk to me about how hard it is to follow their self-care plan, especially where diet…”
Al219 Agressive RA and related lung disease. “I was diagnosed with RA over 12 years ago, have tried many meds. For 5 years was on Enbrel and…”
petuniatoo confused “I have blurriness also, so would like to know your results. I hope you feel better.”
KYEarthmama There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep. Had… “Jules, I'm new here too. I read Dr. Gary's response and he really didn't address your loss of sleep due…”

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