Gary McClain

Hi, I'm Gary

As a therapist, life coach and educator, I work with clients who have been diagnosed with a chronic or life-threatening medical condition, or who are facing other life transitions.

I help my clients with the issues that you may also be experiencing:  getting beyond the initial shock; facing emotions like fear, anger, and sadness; evaluating treatment options; gathering information; communicating with healthcare professionals and negotiating the healthcare system; building (and rebuilding) family relationships; managing the challenges of medical treatment; making lifestyle changes, improving self-image, and creating a vision for the future. 

Having a strong support network is valuable in so many ways.  When people who have been touched by a medical or mental health diagnosis get together in groups – sharing ideas and information, swapping stories, offering words of kindness and encouragement… a collective energy is unleashed that empowers everybody!   

I hope you’ll join us and become part of our community.  We’re here for you 24/7.  Post what’s on your mind and, chances are, there’s somebody who can relate to you from their own experiences.  Don’t go through this alone! 

I and am looking forward to meeting you and walking along beside you on the road ahead.  Let me know how I can help! 


Community Advocate and Therapist