Cooking With Arthritis

While it's inevitable that those living with arthritis may experience certain setbacks at times, cooking can occasionally be rather difficult when dealing with symptoms.

Cooking With Arthritis

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Cooking can sometimes be difficult when dealing with arthritis symptoms. Experiencing a flare-up or sudden burst of pain could make slicing ingredients or carrying pots and pans difficult. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can cook without getting bogged down by symptoms of arthritis. Consider these kitchen tips:

Adaptive knives

If you're enduring arthritis pain or overwhelming stiffness in your wrists, chopping up produce can be the last thing you want to deal with. This is where using an arthritis-friendly adaptive knife can help. The DuoGlide paring knife not only is on the Arthritis Foundation's Ease-of-Use Commendation list, but also provides users with perfectly thin slices without having to exert too much effort. On the same website, you can also find plenty of other recommended utensils and appliances for arthritis patients, such as Easi-Grip Spatulas and Peeling Plates.

Accessible organization

Sometimes the most annoying aspects of cooking are merely trying to reach up high to take down a sauté pan, or trying to figure out where you last left the measuring spoons. Proper organization and accessibility are overlooked virtues when it comes to making your kitchen more arthritis-friendly. Consider hanging your pots and pans from hookers or hangers so you can easily reach them. It can also help eliminate all of the bending of your back involved in searching for accessories, which may cause pain.

Stay comfortable

It's fairly easy to start working up a sweat while cooking in the kitchen, and if you're experiencing symptoms of arthritis such as fatigue, it may be hard to make the effort to cook meals. Try to remember to take a break whenever necessary. And if you're doing tasks such as chopping or measuring ingredients, take a seat while you knock them out. If you sit down and finish all your prep work before engaging in the rest of the cooking process, you'll save yourself a lot of energy.

Spread it out

If you know you have quite a list of cooking duties to complete, remember to take your time and perhaps divvy up any heavy loads you need to carry. This means instead of putting all the vegetables and meats into one pot or pan, just handle each ingredient one at a time, which can help lighten the load of carrying heavy things around the kitchen. While this tip may take longer for you to finish cooking, it'll definitely keep you from having to lift too much weight, which may provoke triggers of arthritis pain.

Cook something healthy!

If you're going to spend a decent amount of time whipping something up in the kitchen, why not make something that's actually beneficial to relieving arthritis? There are a wide variety of dishes that possess anti-inflammatory properties, and the Arthritis Foundation recommends ingredients such as fish, berries, broccoli, whole-grain foods and soybeans as ideal for those living with arthritis.

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